The goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea), is a domestic herbal plant which increases human body’s physiological resilience in hard conditions. It occurs on shrubby hillsides, sun-exposed slopes, dry rocks, in forest clearings, and in sunny woods and shrubberies not quite frequently in this country. Goldenrod tops or only the flowers are collected for use. It is the ancient Teutons that collected this herb already appreciating it very much as a healing plant. Active substances can be found particularly in the plant tops. The content of such substances in the plant depends on the harvesting time, i.e. at the early flower budding stage, exactly at 14:00 to 16:00 day hours. The goldenrod oil content drops after flowering finish, the saponin content varies depending on habitats and daytime (it rises from morning to noon). 

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Lingonberries + herbs  AKUT

Lingonberries + herbs AKUT

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