The story

Allow me to present a Czech family-owned business, THE TEREZIA COMPANY, which I set up in 1990. I believe that my company’s story is very valuable for all those who want to understand its philosophy and aims.

More than 30 years ago I was diagnosed with progressive polyarthritis, a serious autoimmune disease of joints due to which I could not walk and care for my two small kids. My health condition led me to study countless papers and to seek all kinds of counsel in a hope that they would be of some help to me. I came to understand he high importance of having the right diet and, consequently, I decided to manufacture my own VEGI spice mixes free of chemicals, sugar, gluten, and of monosodium glutamate, a substance present almost in all foodstuffs in those days in spite of not being beneficial for the human body.

In 2004 our firm, the TEREZIA COMPANY, was the first to launch oyster fungus on the market in capsules as a dietary supplement. However, people did not know its effects at that time, and I thus had to engage continuously in giving lessons on the occasion of many exhibitions and trade fairs. It was only after several years that a breakthrough occurred, also thanks to a possibility to write interesting articles in various magazines with no restrictions and thus to advertise its effects as well as our product. Step by step, I started to discover also other natural materials which I suggested for use with maximum care so that they could help people as much as possible. Nowadays, TEREZIA COMPANY‘s portfolio contains more than 50 products, clinical studies on some selected produce, and we develop and launch on the market 1-2 new product items with a unique composition every year.     

In order to be able to declare a 100% quality and purity of our products we have our own production facility which is under a constant supervision by the Czech Agriculture And Food Inspection Authority and enjoys the certificate of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). We implement a strict frontline inspection of all ingredients, in-process checks at all production stages as well as the final inspection of all finished products. All dietary supplements are subject to a process of approval by the National Institute of Public Health concerning human health safety and are notified by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. Each production batch is supported with a laboratory analysis on the presence of heavy metals, moulds and other pathogens.  

Most of the raw materials entering the production process come from EU certified cultivation facilities and from our proven suppliers. We analyse the active substances of all input materials selecting those with the highest content of such substances. So, for example, on the basis of a long-term research, we recognise the very oyster fungus strain which has the highest content of beta-glucans (one of that mushroom’s many active substances) and thanks to that the oyster fungus we offer is one of the most effective products.  

The underlying philosophy of the TEREZIA branded products sold in pharmacies is to refrain from using in our production any food additives, fillers or other substances designed to boost the manufacturing process. As such auxiliary agents are totally missing in our production process it is very time-consuming and employee training intensive. There are two prime reasons why we do not use any additives. The first one is that we strive to preserve the 100% natural character of our products in order to make them fit all customers, and the other one is that most food fillers and additives contained in products have side effects thus negating the positive effects of the natural ingredients.

Clinical studies

Medicinal mushrooms have had a tradition of more than 4,000 years and there is no need to prove their efficiency any longer, nevertheless we, as manufacturers of dietary supplements, often face some views that they are non-effective. As one of a few producers of dietary supplements we have several clinical studies made on our products, such as the recent one on the HLÍVÁČEK (today BABYIMUN), which is suitable for children older than 1 year of age, containing a natural fruit concentrate and oyster fungus with a declared content of beta-glucans and without potassium sorbate or any sweeteners and preservatives We intentionally selected for our study 150 child patients aged 1 -7 years who had repeatedly, 4-6 times a year, suffered from a disease (a frequent occurrence of respiratory tract problems), and we evaluated 19 immunological blood test parameters under the supervision of Prof. Šustrová, one of the most experienced immunologists in Slovakia. The results were literally stunning because 89 % of all those patients had experienced no respiratory tract illness and their immunity system had been in perfect condition during the six-month period of monitoring. And, as you know quite well, one can hardly speak of a placebo effect in the case of a two-year old child patient, which makes the study outcome be even more valuable.

I can proudly say that we have been able to stand strong in tough times and that thousands of satisfied customers are a proof for me that we have embarked on the right path aiming at making a contribution in a natural way to a good physical and mental health of all generations.