For guaranteeing a top quality of our products it is necessary to meet, in raw material processing and during the very production, the strict standards as defined in the framework of the internationally recognised certificates which you can read about on this page. The certification covers the entire Company operations (management, development, planning, production, storage, distribution, quality assurance and control), which meets the most stringent conditions the compliance with which is inspected on a regular basis by the respective certification bodies. Hence, you can rest assured that we pay utmost care to each particular product package.



FSSC 22000 is an international food safety standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It includes a complete certification scheme for a food safety system based on food safety management in accordance with ISO 22000 and food safety requirements in the form of "food safety prerequisite programmes in food production"; it defines requirements for the implementation of a food safety management system to ensure food safety. It incorporates and supports HACCP principles formulated by the Codex Alimentarius, and it emphasizes the systemic side and supporting security measures. Obtaining this certificate is important for organizations that want to give their customers a guarantee that their products are manufactured with above-standard food safety requirements.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)


The HACCP is a system of identification of critical control points. It is an important tool for quality assurance and management and for guaranteeing food safety and integrity during all steps connected with food manufacturing, processing, storing, handling, transport and sale to end customers. The system is based on prevention – identifying risks and ensuring a high degree of food safety when they occur. It represents a standard quality requirement for all foodstuff operations and for the production of dietary supplements.



ISO 22000:2019 (Food Safety Management System)


The international ČSN EN ISO 22000:2019 standard defines the requirements of launching a food safety management system. This recognised international standard specifies the requirements to be met by organisations in order to ensure food safety. It incorporates and promotes the HACCP principles laid down in the Codex Alimentarius putting emphasis on systemic aspects and on supporting safety measures. The structure of this standard is comparable with that of the ISO 9001 standard. The obtaining of the respective certificate is essential for organisations wishing to provide their customers a guarantee that their products are manufactured in accordance with above-standard food safety requirements.


KEZ (Control of Eco-friendly Agriculture)


The certificate is issued by the company KEZ o.p.s., which is the first Czech accredited control authority and certification body engaged in a professional independent control and certification activity within the system of eco-friendly agriculture, for example, for bio food manufacturers, traders in bio products and bio food, and for producers of substances not containing organic ingredients (fertilisers, auxiliary soil substances, mineral and auxiliary feeds). Our KEZ certified products are a guarantee of BIO quality by meeting the most stringent standards.