High quality raw materials are the basis

The raw materials come from our proven suppliers only and must pass several laboratory tests on the quantities of active substances


Best quality raw materials are always the basis of all products of ours. As we produce food supplements supposed to be an extra bonus to human organism the raw materials are logically most important, something we attach a maximum care to. Each and every natural material we use in our products is delivered by our reliable long-time suppliers from the Czech Republic, the EU member states, and from Siberia. We maintain a very close relationship with them, they are no no-names to us, and we verify on a regular basis that the requirements we place on them continuously meet the highest standards. We pay regular on-site visits to our suppliers to make sure that the high cultivation standards without the use of chemicals are constantly met. As far as mushrooms are concerned many are even cultivated directly for us. As far as oyster fungus is concerned we have identified, in cooperation with university experts, a fungal strain with the highest concentration of active substance and we use it in our products.    



Each production batch must undergo input material testing (not testing just once a year or even less frequently as it is usual elsewhere) since this is the only way for us to rest assured that we deliver products of the highest possible quality and purity to our customers. Such frontline checks of raw materials are based on microbiological tests by a certified laboratory for the presence of heavy metals, moulds and pathological microorganisms. We do this as a matter of course though it is a quite costly process.